The industrial project

The Corsican region is one of the most prosperous in terms of nautical tourism.
This sector includes three types of activities:

recreational services;
port facilities and services;

These activities have developed considerably thanks to the support of the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica through its Nautical Plan in 2005 and then, in 2009, through the creation of the Pôle d'Excellence Nautisme et Plaisance CAPNAUTIC.

With the FANALE MARINE brand, this expertise is put to use in production.

This unique industrial project is divided into three phases:

Phase 1:

The company's directors have chosen their partners carefully. They are leaders in the world market for the manufacture of hulls and floats (commonly known as "paddles"). This Italian-Corsican collaboration ensures the production of the first generation of FANALE MARINE boats. At the same time, a process of learning and transfer of skills and know-how is underway.

Designing the vessel and its fittings;
Laminating, working the polyester and the hull;
Working the hypalon and assembling the floats;
Making the saddlery and sun protection.
So many specialities and trades to master which mark out the production chain of a semi-rigid unit.

Phase 2:

With the professional partners and training centres involved in the project, know-how is stored and developed. This phase gives rise to the creation of new professions in the nautical sector.

Phase 3:

The mastery of the production chain allows the boats to evolve, to graft on to them the latest technological developments (navigation aids, specific applications for the discovery of Corsica and the Mediterranean). The FANALE MARINE ship must be constantly reworked to keep pace with technological advances.

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