The leaders

Pierre-André PAOLI was born in Ajaccio.

At the beginning, he worked as a sports educator for a Corsican outdoor company. He introduced a whole generation of Corsicans and non-Corsicans to Corsica from the interior (canyoning, mountain biking, kayaking on high rivers) and also from the coast (sea kayaking, canoeing and associated disciplines).

In 2007, he decided to concentrate his activity on the coast and created the company ILS for the rental of motor boats. He quickly extended his activity to the sale of boats. He became the distributor for France of the Italian RIB brands KARDIS and DOMINO.

In 2011, he obtained the management capacity for driving schools and became a teacher for motorboat driving.

In parallel to his professional activity, Pierre-André PAOLI is a lover of Corsican song. He teaches polyphonic singing in Ajaccio. In 2011, he was elected President of the association "Cantu in Paghjella", member of UNESCO. Not content with being a transmitter of tradition and culture, he wants to be avant-garde and relies on the island's skills to face a new entrepreneurial challenge.

Catherine GHILAIN was born in Belgium.

In 2007, this lawyer moved to Corsica and began working for the company ILS to obtain the management of the Pietrosella organised mooring.

She quickly developed with Pierre-André PAOLI the activities of renting and selling boats.

In 2013, she obtained her licence to teach motorboat driving.

Jean-Jacques PAOLI was born in Ajaccio.

Very early on, he developed a passion for motor sports: cars, motorbikes and boats.
As a rally driver and mechanical engineer in the aeronautical industry, he knows the ins and outs of rigorous mechanics.

He quickly showed an interest in his brother's nautical activity and did not hesitate to give him help and advice.

Thanks to his experience in aeronautics, he can quickly and efficiently detect any source of problem on any land or sea vehicle.

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