An air of stroll blows on Fanale Marine for a day of demonstrations and tests in the port of Porto-Pollo this Saturday, September 18 from 10 am.

Five years ago, the three partners of the only island shipyard took the rather crazy gamble of building semi-rigid boats. The Fanale Marine brand is now established on the island and beyond .

A week before the event, Pierre-André PAOLI, manager of the company, organises with his usual relaxed attitude the transfer of the boats to Porto-Pollo. " Several Fanale owners have kindly agreed to come with their boats. The event on the 18th is a showcase for the brand but also a gathering for the people who trust us and who are closely or distantly linked to our company. Fanale Marine is above all an adventure. When we created the brand in 2015, the dealers who decided to follow us had courage. It was a leap into the unknown. This is a market where the competition is tough. It was not obvious that the Corsican brand would establish itself so quickly. The customers who welcomed us also took a risk. It is often easier to buy a brand that has been known for years. It' s probably this taste for risk and adventure that makes for a real 'Fanale Marine' spirit, tinged with conviviality, audacity and Corsicanness, " explains Pierre-André.

For the team members, the departure is scheduled for 7.30 am in Isolella. The boats will be displayed on the reception quay of the Port of Porto-Pollo. Michel Bartoli (BARTOLI MARINE), Fanale Marine dealer, will be waiting for the team to place the boats in front of the Hotel Le Golfe from where the tests will start. All the dealers and workshop staff will be present.

Theo works on the construction of the boats. He explains: "This is an opportunity to see the results of my work. The quality of the boats, the things that need to be improved and the satisfaction of the boaters. For us, it's a bit of a behind-the-scenes look.

Setting up the boats, managing the team, organising the reception, the boat visits and the photo shoots with photographer Stef Bravin: the score unfolds like a traditional song so dear to the leader's heart.

This day, poetically named "spassighjata di Fanale Marine" to evoke the walks along the water, will continue with an aperitif to the sounds of guitars at the Hotel Le Golfe. Pierre-André PAOLI wishes to create an annual meeting to share and make known the 'Fanale Marine' spirit.

To join the event :

Le Port in Porto-Pollo from 10 am
Hotel Le Golfe

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